Charles d'Haussy

Charles d'Haussy

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CEO @ dYdX Foundation
Prior to joining the dYdX Foundation, Charles was Global Head of Business Development @ ConsenSys and served
as Head of Fintech with the Hong Kong government (investHK).

He is the co-author of Block Kong, and polishes his next book on DAOs"The DAO Way".

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Astropolis, a Future view of Crypto Derivatives markets. Oct. 2023

Real Vision, Sept 2021

Bloomberg Turkey. Oct 2023

Charles d'Haussy

BIO:Charles d'Haussy, CEO dYdX Foundation
Charles is CEO at the dYdX Foundation. dYdX is the world's leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol focused on perpetual futures. The dYdX Chain is a fully decentralized and community-governed ecosystem, as highlighted in the dYdX Chain ecosystem report for 2023Prior to joining the dYdX Foundation, Charles served as the Global Head of Business Development at ConsenSys, a prominent blockchain engineering company. His diverse background spans entrepreneurship, executive roles in FinTech startups, and his tenure as the Head of FinTech with the Hong Kong government.Charles' expertise in the FinTech and blockchain domains has earned him recognition as a Top-50 FinTech influencer in Asia in 2018. In 2021, he authored the book "Block Kong," which explores the blockchain leaders shaping the Hong Kong blockchain ecosystem.
His educational background includes studies at Rennes International Business School in France and Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, China. Additionally, Charles is a certified Bitcoin professional and has studied blockchain business strategy at Be9 London.
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Charles d'Haussy - Charles dHaussy DYDX
Charles d'Haussy - Charles dHaussy DYDX